About the artist

The artist Steffen “Hoker” Mumm lives and works in Düsseldorf. His unmistakable style is a combination of graffiti, calligraphy, illustration and painting, which he has explored in various media and materials over many years in an experimental approach. With every brushstroke, every sprayed line, every shaped object, he not only explores his own identity and personal growth, but also invites the viewer to engage with the various facets of being human.

His trademark is the "Heads" that he has concentrated on in recent years. Their tension and emotionality arise from the fact that the artist creates them intuitively and spontaneously, as well as with attention to detail and technical precision. The heads and their expression are individual and at the same time subordinate to a connecting system. They are as complex as human existence. Hoker's works of art invite you to delve into yourself and discover the inner core that connects us all.